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Lisa uses a holistic process to create balance, harmony, beauty and inner peace, all to empower and transform you and your surroundings. This transformation is a conscious and intentional process which will allow you to live your best life to the fullest expression. Lisa uses her intuition, expertise and past experience to look at all aspects of mind, body, spirit and space, to help you manifest your desires.

We will work together to identify energy and patterns that need to be cleared and released.  Lisa will gently guide you to connect with the part of you that holds the key to unlocking what’s holding you back, identifying where it’s being stored, communicating with that part of you, and exploring ways to release the energy that is blocking you so you can live your best life! 

Connect within. Explore. Align.  

This is a giant vision and mind mapping board that will create an environment to plan, express, and hold space for what your soul desires. 

It will include: creative planning, how to manifest your dreams into reality, goal setting, affirmations and visual representations of what you want to create, things that inspire you, what you love, actions, and daily intention setting. Your soul flourishes based on what you feed it. Soul Stories will connect you to your bigger vision and allow your soul to blossom. 

Are you interested in working with crystals and natural live elements to shift your vibration to the highest frequency?

Using crystals personally and in your space will help tune you into the highest possible frequency so you can manifest your desired outcome. Click below to find out more.

Look and feel your best. Get into alignment with how you want to feel and how you want to represent yourself.

This is a 3 hour consultation that includes clearing and re-designing of your current wardrobe and accessories with what you already have.  Other options include personal shopping and accessorizing.

Interior design to shift vibration so you can create what you want in your life and in your home.

Is your space a reflection of who you truly are and is it supporting you so you can live your best life? 

Your space is your foundation: together we can create intentional, self reflective, sacred space where you can relax, rejuvenate, and feel inspired.

Services include: ° New home° Re-design ° Kitchen and bath ° Color consultations ° Furniture and accessory placement ° Space clearing ° Office spaces ° Meditation spaces ° Sacred spaces ° Crystal grids °Altars °Balancing elements

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Inner peace ➡️ leads to world peace ➡️ leads to heaven on earth 🌏 🙏❤️

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